The Kiss programme started its journey with its first edition at Mugello MotoGP in 2013, inspired by Yamaha Motor Racing. The governing body promoted the KiSS Programme providing support for Mugello Circuit, which decided to host the initiative thanks to the fundamental underpinning of MotoGP promoter Dorna. The KISS programme quickly spread across most of the FIM disciplines.

The main objective of the KiSS Programme is to encourage organisers to develop sustainable events by framing and amplifying all the environmental actions already put in place by the organisers and incorporating other innovative activities.

At the 2023 Trial Grand Prix of Japan, in the framework of the KiSS Programme, Kiss Motegi will work on SDGs alignment and expand the circle of excitement of mobility by inviting residents to the event within this scope:

1. SDGs alignment in Trial (CO2 emission reduction, plastic-free promotion, sorting, forest conservation, and awareness-raising)

2. Use of renewable energy (green power, Honda Mobile Power Pack)

3. Invitation of Motegi Town residents

4. Opening Tochigi Sustainability Market Square

Among the actions covered in KiSS MOTEGI, the activities in the different spheres of sustainability include:

Environment: promote the reduction of greenhouse gases by increasing the use of clean energy and reducing waste generation and promoting recycling.

Society: Respond to the trust and expectations of society through fair and honest corporate activities and educational activities on road safety and the environment.

Local community: Contribute to the local economy by developing products through industry-academia-government partnerships and by utilising local traditions and materials.

Human resources: Respect human rights and diversity.

Junya Kamon  Mobility Resort Motegi General Manager: “We will contribute to the creation of a sustainable future by fostering a culture of mobility, promoting motorsports and using the field of practice for human resource development to address global environmental and social issues”.

Kattia Juárez, Director of FIM Sustainability Commission: “I am very excited about Motegi carrying out our first KiSS in the region as part of the 10th anniversary of the programme. The ability of our sport to positively impact the environment and society is impressive. We must promote these initiatives globally”.

Contact: Kattia Juárez, Director of FIM Sustainability Commission,

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