Following highly-productive consultations between the FIM, the Manufacturers and the stakeholders involved in the organisation of FIM Trial World Championship events, a number of modifications to the series will be implemented.

Designed to ensure the sport is more competitive and accessible to both amateurs and professionals, these modifications will also make the format more dynamic while continuing to highlight the fundamentals of Trial.

To make the riders more independent, one of the main changes will be the elimination of help from assistants in fifty per cent of the Sections in 2023.

A Parc Fermé will be implemented which will highlight the performance of Trial machines and reduce mechanical interventions with the purpose of accentuating ‘random factors’ to create a more attractive format for the public and social media fans.

Aware of scoring difficulties that currently rely on an individual’s judgement, the FIM – in agreement with the Manufacturers – is working on the development of a system to help Section Observers and better control the allocation of penalties. The aim is to create a system that would work in any Trial competition worldwide.

The FIM will provide live broadcast content through its new FIM-MOTO.TV platform for each round in 2023.

Thierry Michaud, Director of the FIM Trial Commission, said: “These are fruitful consultations that we have had with the Manufacturers that we will maintain. The FIM and the Manufacturers want to collaborate to bring about changes that will gradually allow Trial to be oriented towards more accessible horizons in line with the trends of the 2020s and future years.”

“We agree that the practice in competition has certainly become too elitist, too excessive and too demanding and that we must therefore work to make it become more ‘reasonable’ again. These important changes will require progressive adaptations of organisations and mentalities.”

“The FIM and its Trial Commission still believe in the present and the future of this discipline and will work tirelessly on it with its Manufacturer partners, teams and riders without forgetting its affiliated Federations, organisers and associative clubs whose volunteer Section Observers deserve recognition and support.”

Donato Miglio, Trial Manufacturers’ Representative, stated: “This is real progress in our relations with the FIM. We are aware of the current direction taken by Trial and we understand that it is important to work together, between Manufacturers and also with the FIM. TrialGP is the true showcase of the sport and we know the impact it has on the Trial motorcycle sales market.”

“We absolutely want to evolve our trends and those of teams and riders, both professional and amateur – and possibly of the development of machines – towards approaches more in line with current social, environmental and economic conditions. The reduction of assistance and the more individual practices correspond more to the reality of the various practices.”

“We want to work to create a dynamic motorcycling environment, capable of reacting flexibly to the needs of today’s sporting world. In this way we aim to be able to attract and include new generations interested in the healthy competitiveness of the sport.”

“Above all we think these changes will result in a sport more attractive to the new young riders we are expecting. We seek to bring high-level sport closer to basic practices that are more in line with reality. It won’t be easy, but we are working on it and we are happy that the FIM is helping us in this process.”


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