The best riders in the World ready to battle for victory and millions of fans cheering on their heroes: motorcycling could not survive without these two ingredients.

Ever since 1904, the International Motorcycling Federation has used its passion and experience in order to tackle the most difficult technical and organisational challenges for the good of the sport.

This miniseries gives a voice to the insiders and reveals the behind the scenes of the organisation of five competitions in just as many different disciplines.

This journey starts at the last race of the FIM TrialGP World Championship in La Nucia, Spain.

“Behind the scene of every FIM World Championship there is a World. A world made up of a huge organisation, massive human engagement, competences, passion for motorcycle racing and personal dedication.

These are the values of the FIM, these are the values we share with armies of volunteers and members from our national affiliated Federations who contribute to make motorcycling such a great and exciting sport.

Through this miniseries the FIM wants to tell the story of the people working behind the scenes of racing. A tribute to the women and men who are making our races possible and who are inspiring future generation” – commented Fabio Muner, FIM Marketing & Communications Director.

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