Consistency is key in all sports and when the competition is spaced out over six rounds with 10 points-scoring days then being on the money week-in, week-out is vital for that title!

One rider who knows all about the importance of keeping those bad days at the office to a minimum is Scandinavian Trial2 powerhouse Sondre Haga (Beta).

The 23-year-old, who comes from Stavanger on the south west tip of Norway, had to wait until last time out at the TrialGP of France to record his first victory of the campaign – and his career – but he was already leading the championship before he topped the podium at Cahors at the end of August.

His main title rival Pablo Suarez (Montesa) has won three times this season but the talented Spaniard has blown hot and cold at times while ice-cool Sondre – who ended 2021 in a career-best fifth in Trial2 – has been rock-solid all year.

Sondre’s 100 per cent podium record for 2022 with three third-placed finishes and four runner-up positions prior to his win in France has earned him a 21-point lead with just the two scoring days at next weekend’s TrialGP of Italy left.

TrialGP tracked him down to find out a little bit more about the latest in a long line of icemen to emerge from the frozen north.

TrialGP: What inspired you to start riding trial?

Sondre: “What inspired me was my cousin who was riding trial. So I started riding bike trial from when I was five years old, I kept asking my parents every day to start riding trial and eventually when I was seven I started.”

TrialGP: Do you do any other sports?

Sondre: “Not really. I love sports but I don’t really have time but when I can I love to do all types [such as] football and tennis. I struggle to sit still to be honest!”

TrialGP: How good did it feel to finally win in France?

Sondre: “The win in France was amazing! I have been riding the Trial2 class for about six or seven years and that my hard work over such a long time has finally paid off is so great. There is no better feeling.”

TrialGP: You have been amazingly consistent this season which gave you the championship lead before France. How have you managed this? You must be very good at dealing with pressure and keeping your emotions under control.

Sondre: “Yeah, I have been really confident and consistent this year. I think I have learnt a lot from all the races in the past as well as the X-Trial events. So I think I have learned to manage the pressure from everything – which, of course, I am really happy about.”

TrialGP: You have a 21-point lead with two rounds to go – how confident do you feel?

Sondre: “I have a good lead now which makes me confident but at the same time I will just try to do the same as I have this year and hope it will work out well.”

TrialGP: Where do you see yourself next season? TrialGP maybe?

Sondre: “I like the sound of TrialGP so let’s see what the future brings but, yeah, I definitely see myself there and I’m willing to work as hard as I have always done.”

TrialGP: How healthy is the sport in Norway in particular and Scandinavia as a whole?

Sondre: “Well trial in Scandinavia and Norway is definitely smaller than in Southern Europe but at the same time it’s quite big I think. We are like a small family together and it’s always fun to see Nordic athletes riding trial.”

TrialGP: Is there anyone you’d like to thank or mention?

Sondre: “This season I would never have been able to make it without my team, Beta, Raga School, sponsors and of course family.”

The final round of the 2022 Hertz FIM Trial World Championship – the TrialGP of Italy – takes place on September 16-18 at Ponte Di Legno in the foothills of the Italian Alps.

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