12/03/18 – Loris Gubian – Gas Gas is taking a step back from the premier TrialGP class in 2018 and instead…

Loris Gubian – Gas Gas is taking a step back from the premier TrialGP class in 2018 and instead will concentrate his efforts on going for glory in the highly-competitive Trial2 division.

A full FIM World Championship for the first time in 2017, Trial2 isn’t intended to be purely a stepping stone for ambitious young riders looking to move up into TrialGP – it is also designed to be somewhere riders in the premier class can drop down to and still retain a presence in the higher echelons of the sport.

The twenty-nine-year-old Frenchman, who was ranked twentieth in TrialGP last season, views this as a positive move which will allow him to remain in the media spotlight.

“I am convinced that the category opens doors to more riders,” says Loris, whose best season in TrialGP was 2011 when he finished seventh. “It is very difficult for riders like me to get deals and the door of Trial2 gave me an opportunity with Gas Gas and I think that the media will talk about me if I fight for podiums and for a title.”

Loris, who runs an E-Bike Trial school, knows that he will have to bring his A game to all eight rounds if he is to beat rivals including last year’s Trial2 runner-up Gabriel Marcelli – Montesa from Spain and Italian Matteo Grattarola – Montesa who also drops down from TrialGP where he finished tenth last year.

“I am convinced that I can win or finally fight for something and I find this challenge very interesting, but there are a lot of good riders in this category and there will be a lot of fighting in this championship. I will take it event by event, but the first will be important as it will give the rhythm to the season.”