Last used for top-flight Trial in 2018 when it was the venue for the FIM Trial des Nations, Sokolov is situated in the west of the Czech Republic a stone’s throw away from the border with Germany and 145km from Prague. The famous spa town of Karlovy Vary is just 15 minutes away.

Featuring predominantly natural sections in nearby majestic woodland, Sokolov should provide a spectacular starting point for the 2020 FIM Trial World Championship.

Tough enough in the dry, if it rains grip will be in short supply so don’t be surprised to see a high-scoring event if conditions are wet.


Koupaliste Michal
Lake Michal
Jezerni str.
Sokolov 356 01
Czech Republic


TrialGP  - TrialGP Women - Trial2 - Trial2 Women


Starting area: 450m / Maximum sections: 550m

Time difference

GMT/UTC +1 hour


Available on site Price: 250CZK / 10EUR
Children up to 10 years: free

Tourist Information

Karlovy Vary -


Karlovy Vary and Sokolov