FIM Women’s and FIM Future Stars’ training camps took place last weekend in Ölbronn, Germany, led by the former FIM TrialGP Women World Champion Iris Oelschlegel.

Altogether 48 participants from three different countries – Germany, Denmark and Slovakia – were divided into groups according to their ability and had a chance to practice their skills and get tips from nine coaches. Two instructors took care of the FIM Future Stars children who were riding with automatic trial motorcycles.

Each day the groups practised for five to six hours with sessions divided into technical training and section practice. Warm-ups were organised every morning and afternoon.

Finally, a get-together barbeque dinner for both groups and instructors was held on Saturday evening. The children played together while the parents chatted and shared their experiences.

“It was a pleasure to welcome so many participants from three different countries to the small town and beautiful practice area of Ölbronn,” said Iris. “We had girls of World championship level as well as those who were riding trial for fun and had just started to ride so all levels were present.

“I was also really happy to welcome the FIM Future Stars with 12 kids to the FIM Trial Training for the second time. It is a pleasure to see our youngsters practice with us and see that they already share the same passion for our sport.”

Picture © Rebecca Kindsvogel