Fresh from his recent Scottish Six Days Trial win, Dougie Lampkin hardly had time to unpack his dirty riding kit before he immediately headed over to Spain to help with the preparations for the debut TrialGP event this weekend.

Dougie has played an important role plotting the fifteen hazards at Camprodon for this weekend’s opening round of the 2017 FIM Trial World Championship.

The British trials legend has worked closely with the FIM’s official section plotter Jordi Pascuet, making full use of the natural terrain to create a challenging course full of variation.

“We’ve tried to make some nice natural sections because here the terrain is amazing for that,” Dougie says. “We’ve got quite a few different variations, starting off with some big dry rocks before we go down to a small stream and then there are some big sections on the bankings to finish.”   “It’s very rare to get all those types of terrain in one Trial and we were determined to make full use of them.”

So just how hard will it be?

“It will be tough,” he adds. “After all it is the World Championship and it’s important not to forget that we’re trying to find out who the best rider is.”   “I hope it’s slightly wet under the trees without being saturated. If it continues to dry out we’ll probably have to tighten a few things up but if it stays like it is now I’ll be really happy – although we could quite easily make some last-minute changes on Saturday if we need to.”

Watch Dougie testing the qualification and other sections here.